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FSTA (Food Science and Technology Abstracts) - библиографическая база данных,, охватывающая всемирные научно-технические сведения по производству и обработке продуктов питания человека. 

Записи содержат библиографическую информацию, индексирование и,  в большинстве случаев, реферат. .

 FSTA Thesaurus можно   найти в поле Controlled Term (/CT). 

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Database Producer

International Food Information Service
IFIS Publishing
Lane End House, Shinfield,
Reading RG2 9BB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 118 9883895
Fax:     (+44) 118 9885065
Copyright Holder

Database Supplier

FIZ Karlsruhe P.O. Box 2465 D-76012 Karlsruhe Germany Phone: (+49) 7247/808-555 Telefax: (+49) 7247/808-131 e-mail:

Search and Display Field Codes

The field that allows left truncation (/BI) is marked with an asterisk.

				|Search       |                              |Display
Search Field Name               | Code        |Search Examples               | Codes
Basic Index (*) (1)(contains    |None         |S JUICE EXTRACT?              |AB, CT,
 single words from title (TI),  |(or /BI)     |S MILK (L) ROUTINE TEST?      |TI, TN
 abstract (AB), controlled      |             |S SWEETZYME T                 |
 term (CT), and trade name (TN) |             |S ?CYTOGEN?                   |
 fields)                        |             |                              |
				|             |                              |
Accession Number                |/AN          |S "2001(12):T1157"/AN         |AN
				|             |S 2002:A0001/AN/AN            |
Author (includes inventor)      |/AU          |S MARTH E.H./AU               |AU, IN
				|             |S MARTH E?/AU                 |
Classification Code (2)         |/CC          |S A/CC                        |
 (code and text)                |             |S NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES/CC  |CC
Controlled Term (3)             |/CT          |S PROTEIN PRODUCTS/CT         |CT
Controlled Word                 |/CW          |S ACID/CW                     |CT
Corporate Source (2)            |/CS          |S KYOTO UNIV?/CS              |CS, PA
 (includes patent assignee)     |             |                              |
Document Type (code and text)   |/DT          |S L1 AND P/DT                 |DT
				|(or /TC)     |                              |
Field Availability              |/FA          |S L2 AND AB/FA                |Not displayed
Inventor                        |/IN          |S LEY J?/IN                   |IN
International Standard          |/ISN         |S 0105-6883/ISN               |ISN, SO
 (Document) Number (contains    |             |S 0-442-25662-0/ISN           |
 ISSN and ISBN)                 |             |                              |
Journal Title                   |/JT          |S FOOD MANUFACTURE/JT         |JT, SO
Language (code and text)        |/LA          |S L1 AND ENGLISH/LA           |LA
Patent Assignee (3)             |/PA          |S REIMER GMBH/PA              |PA
Patent Country                  |/PC          |S US/PC                       |PI
Patent Kind Code                |/PK          |S A1/PK                       |PI
Patent Number (4)               |/PN          |S EP50394/PN                  |PI
				|(or /PATS)   |S EP--50394/PATS              |
Patent Number, Original         |/PNO         |S US 2001/0003593 A1/PNO      |PNO
Priority Country (5)            |/PRC         |S JP/PRC                      |PRAI
				|(or /PCS)    |                              |
Priority Date (5,6)             |/PRD         |S 20010119/PRD                |PRAI
Priority Number (4,5)           |/PRN         |S US1999-15824/PRN            |
				|(or /APPS)   |S AR1998-105894/APPS          |PRAI
Priority Number, Original       |/PRNO        |S "US 001677 (19971231)"/PRNO |PRNO
Priority Year (5,6)             |/PRY         |S 1991/PRY                    |PRAI
Publication Year (6)            |/PY          |S 1995-1998/PY                |PI, PY, SO
Reference Count (6)             |/RE          |S REC=10                      |REC, SO
				|(or /RE.CNT) |                              |
Source (contains journal        |/SO          |S FOOD MANUFACTURE/SO         |SO
 title, collation information   |             |S (0168-1605 AND 22 4)/SO     |
 (volume, issue, pagination),   |             |                              |
 publication year, ISSN, ISBN,  |             |                              |
 and number of references)      |             |                              |
Summary Language                |/SL          |S L1 AND ENGLISH/SL           |SL
 (code and text)                |             |                              |
Title                           |/TI          |S CITRUS FRUIT/TI             |TI
Trade Name                      |/TN          |S SWEETZYME T/TN              |TN
				|(or /CN)     |                              |
Update Date (6)                 |/UP          |S L3 AND UP>20020100          |UP
				|(or /ED)     |                              |
Word Count, Title (6)           |/WC.T        |S WC.T=>15                    |WC.T

(1) In addition to right truncation, left and simultaneous left and right
    truncation are available in the Basic Index. At least 4 characters need
    to be used for the length of the stem.
(2) Search with implied (S) proximity is available in this field.
(3) There is a thesaurus associated with this field.
(4) Either an STN format or Derwent format can be used.
(5) Priority information is available for records since 1988 only.
(6) Numeric search field that may be searched with numeric operators or ranges.

Controlled Term (/CT) Thesaurus

All Relationship Codes can be used with both SEARCH and EXPAND.

Relationship     |                                               |
   Code          |Content                                        |Example
ALL              |All Associated Terms                           |E FRUIT JUICES+ALL/CT
		 | (BT, SELF, HNTE, NOTE, USE, UF, NT, RT)       |
AUTO (1)         |Automatic Relationship                         |E FLUORINE+AUTO/CT
		 | (SELF, USE, UF)                               |
BT               |Broader Terms                                  |E FROZEN YOGHURT+BT/CT
		 | (BT, SELF)                                    |
HIE              |Hierarchy Terms (Broader and Narrower Terms)   |E YOGHURT+HIE/CT
		 | (BT, SELF, NT)                                |
HNTE             |History Note                                   |E JAPAN+HNTE/CT
		 | (SELF, HNTE)                                  |
KT               |Keyword Terms (Multiword phrases that          |E MUSTARD+KT/CT
		 | contain the keyword) (SELF, KT)               |
NOTE             |Scope Note                                     |E LYASES+NOTE/CT
		 | (SELF, NOTE)                                  |
NT               |Narrower Terms                                 |E ENZYMES+NT/CT
		 | (SELF, NT)                                    |
RT               |Related Terms                                  |S DIFFUSION+RT/CT
		 | (SELF, RT)                                    |
UF               |Used For Terms (Forbidden Terms)               |E F+UF/CT
		 | (SELF, UF)                                    |
USE              |Use Terms (Preferred Terms)                    |E COW CHEESE+USE/CT
		 | (SELF, USE)                                   |

(1) Automatic Relationship is SET OFF.  When SET REL is ON, the result of
    EXPAND or SEARCH without any relationship code is the same as described
    for AUTO.  DISPLAY and PRINT Formats

Thesaurus Field Descriptors

 Code              |Description
 -->               |Controlled Term
 BT                |Broader Term
 HNOTE             |History Note
 KT                |Multiword phrase with the keyword
 NOTE              |Scope Note
 NT                |Narrower Term
 RT                |Related Term
 UF                |Used For Term (Synonym)
 USE               |Use (Preferred) Term


Any combination of formats may be used to display or print answers. Multiple codes must be separated by commas or spaces, e.g., D L1 1-5 TI CS. The fields are displayed or printed in the order requested.

Hit-term highlighting is available for all fields. Highlighting must be ON during SEARCH in order to use the HIT, KWIC, and OCC formats.

Format        |Content                                            |Examples
AB            |Abstract                                           |D AB, TI
AN            |Accession Number                                   |D 1-5 AN
AU            |Author (Inventor)                                  |D AU 5 6 8-10
CC (1)        |Classification Code (Subject Category Code)        |D CC, TI
CS            |Corporate Source (Patent Assignee)                 |D TI AU CS
CT (1)        |Controlled Term (Heading)                          |D CT, TI
DT (TC) (1)   |Document Type (Title Annotations)                  |D DT, SO
ISN (2)       |International Standard (Document) Number           |D ISN
	      | (ISBN, ISSN)                                      |
IN            |Inventor                                           |D IN PA
JT (2)        |Journal Title                                      |D JT
LA (1)        |Language                                           |D LA, TI
PA            |Patent Assignee                                    |D PA
PI (3)        |Patent Information                                 |D PI, SO
 (PATS, PN)   |                                                   |
PNO (2)       |Patent Number, Original                            |D PNO
PRAI (3)      |Priority Information                               |D PRAI, SO
 (APPS, PRN)  |                                                   |
PRNO (2)      |Priority Number, Original                          |D PRNO
PY (2)        |Publication Year                                   |D PY
REC (1,2)     |Reference Count                                    |D REC
 (RE.CNT)     |                                                   |
SL (1)        |Language of Summary                                |D SL, TI
SO            |Source                                             |D SO
TI (1)        |Title                                              |D TI, SO
TN (CN) (1)   |Trade Name                                         |D BIB CT TN 1-10
UP (ED) (1,2) |Update Date                                        |D UP
WC.T (1,2)    |Word Count, Title                                  |D WC.T
	      |                                                   |
ABS           |AN, AB                                             |D ABS 1-10
ALL (3)       |AN, TI, AU, IN, CS, PA, SO, PI, PRAI, DT, LA, SL,  |D ALL 5-10
	      | AB, CC, CT, TN                                    |
BIB (3)       |AN, TI, AU, IN, CS, PA, SO, PI, PRAI, DT, LA, SL   |D BIB 1-10
	      | (BIB is the default)                              |
DALL (3)      |ALL, delimited for post-processing                 |D DALL
IALL (3)      |ALL, indented with text labels                     |D IALL
IBIB (3)      |BIB, indented with text labels                     |D IBIB
IND (1)       |CC, CT, TN                                         |D IND
SCAN (1,4)    |TI, CT (random display without answer numbers)     |D SCAN
TRIAL (1)     |TI, CC, CT                                         |D FREE TOTAL
 (FREE, TRI,  |                                                   |
 SAM)         |                                                   |
	      |                                                   |
HIT           |Fields containing hit terms                        |D HIT 5-10
KWIC          |Hit terms with up to 20 words on either side       |D KWIC 5-10 NOH
	      | (KeyWord-In-Context)                              |
OCC (1)       |Number of occurrences of hit terms and fields      |D OCC L3 5-10
	      | in which they occur                               |

(1) No online display fee for this format.
(2) Custom display only.
(3) By default, patent numbers and priority numbers are displayed
    in STN format.  To display them in Derwent format, enter
    SET PATENT DERWENT at an arrow prompt.  To reset display
    to STN format, enter SET PATENT STN.
(4) SCAN must be specified on the command line, i.e., D SCAN or DISPLAY SCAN.


The SELECT command is used to create E-numbers containing terms taken from the specified field in an answer set.

The ANALYZE command is used to create an L-number containing terms taken from the specified field in an answer set.

The SORT command is used to rearrange the search results in either alphabetic or numeric order of the specified field(s).

				       |            |ANALYZE/    |
Field Name                             |Field Code  |SELECT (1)  |SORT
Abstract                               |AB          |Y (2)       |N
Accession Number                       |AN          |Y           |N
Author (Inventor)                      |AU          |Y           |Y
Chemical Name (Trade Name)             |CN          |Y (3)       |Y
Citation                               |CIT         |Y (4,5)     |N
Classification Code                    |CC          |Y           |Y
Controlled Term                        |CT          |Y           |N
Corporate Source (Patent Assignee)     |CS          |Y           |Y
Document Type                          |DT          |Y           |Y
Entry Date                             |ED          |Y (6)       |Y
International Standard (Document)      |ISN         |Y (7)       |N
 Number                                |            |            |
Inventor                               |IN          |Y (8)       |Y
Journal Title                          |JT          |Y           |Y
Language                               |LA          |Y           |Y
Occurrence Count of Hit Terms          |OCC         |N           |Y
Patent Assignee                        |PA          |Y (9)       |Y
Patent Country                         |PC          |Y           |Y
Patent Information                     |PI          |Y (10,11)   |N
Patent Kind Code                       |PK          |Y           |Y
Patent Number                          |PN          |Y (10)      |Y
				       |PATS        |Y (10,11)   |Y
Priority Country                       |PRC         |Y           |Y
Priority Date                          |PRD         |Y           |Y
Priority Information                   |PRAI        |Y (10,12)   |N
Priority Number                        |PRN         |Y (10)      |N
				       |APPS        |Y (10,12)   |N
Priority Year                          |PRY         |Y           |Y
Publication Year                       |PY          |Y           |Y
Reference Count                        |REC         |Y (13)      |Y
				       |RE.CNT      |Y           |Y
Source                                 |SO          |Y (14)      |N
Summary Language                       |SL          |Y           |Y
Title                                  |TI          |Y (default) |Y
Trade Name                             |TN          |Y           |Y
Treatment Code                         |TC          |Y (15)      |Y
Update Date                            |UP          |Y           |Y
Word Count, Title                      |WC.T        |Y           |Y

(1)  HIT may be used to restrict terms extracted to terms that
     match the search expression used to create the answer set,
     e.g., SEL HIT TI.
(2)  Appends /BI to the terms created by SELECT.
(3)  Appends /TN to the terms created by SELECT.
(4)  SELECT HIT and ANALYZE HIT are not valid with this field.
(5)  Extracts first author, publication year, volume, first page,
     with a truncation symbol appended and with /RE appended to the
     terms created by SELECT.
(6)  Appends /UP to the terms created by SELECT.
(7)  Selects or analyzes ISSN and ISBN with /ISN appended to the
     terms created by SELECT.
(8)  Appends /AU to the terms created by SELECT.
(9)  Appends /CS to the terms created by SELECT.
(10) By default, patent numbers, application and priority numbers are
     displayed in STN format.  To display them in Derwent format,
     enter SET PATENT DERWENT at an arrow prompt.  To reset display
     to STN format, enter SET PATENT STN.
(11) Selects or analyzes patent number with /PN appended to the
     terms created by SELECT.
(12) Selects or analyzes priority number with /PRN appended to the
     terms created by SELECT.
(13) Appends /RE.CNT to the terms created by SELECT.
(14) Selects or analyzes ISSN and ISBN with /SO appended to the
     terms created by SELECT.
(15) Appends /DT to the terms created by SELECT.

Sample Records

DISPLAY IALL ACCESSION NUMBER: 2002:N0034 FSTA TITLE: Enzymatic process for extracting oil and protein from rice bran. AUTHOR: Hanmoungjai, P.; Pyle, D. L.; Niranjan, K. CORPORATE SOURCE: Correspondence (Reprint) address, K. Niranjan, Sch. of Food Biosci., Univ. of Reading, PO Box 226, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AP, UK. E-mail afsniran(a) SOURCE: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, (2001) 78 (8) 817-821, 23 ref. ISSN: 0003-021X DOCUMENT TYPE: Journal LANGUAGE: English ABSTRACT: Enzymic extraction of oil and protein from rice bran using a commercial proteinase (Alcalase) was investigated and evaluated by response surface methodology. Enzyme concn., incubation time and temp. were varied from 0 to 2 g/100 g bran, 1 to 3 h, and 40 to The effect of enzyme concn. was most significant on oil and protein extraction yields, whereas incubation time and temp. had no significant effect. Max. extraction yields of oil and protein were 79 and 68%, respectively. Quality of the oil recovered from the process in terms of free fatty acids, I value and saponification value was comparable with that of solvent-extracted oil and commercial rice bran oil, but the peroxide value was higher. CLASSIFICATION CODE: N (Fats, Oils and Margarine) CONTROLLED TERM: BRAN; EXTRACTION; OILS VEGETABLE; PROTEINASES; PROTEINS CEREAL; RICE; CEREAL PROTEINS; QUALITY; RICE BRAN; RICE BRAN OILS TRADE NAME: Alcalase DISPLAY ALL AN 2002:T0098 FSTA TI Machine to extract oil from fruit. IN Augusto, J. L. C.; Moma, P. S.; Sena, G. da Silva; Brocchetto, F. C.; Baptista, L. F. C.; Freire, W. F.; Rodrigues, L.; Kannami, M.; Lucato, A. V. R. PA FMC Do Brasil Industria e Comercio SA; FMC Do Brasil Industria e Comercio, Camilo Dinucci 4605, CEP-14808-900 Araraquara, SP, Brazil SO PCT International Patent Application, (2001) PI WO 2001082721 A2 PRAI BR 2000-1692 20000502 DT Patent LA English AB A modulating machine used to extract and recover essential oil from citrus fruit (such as lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapefruits) by microperforating them and disrupting the oil cells, but not removing the peel, is described. The oil extracted is trapped in water so as to form an aqueous emulsion. The equipment is comprised of: a set of grooved discs mounted over corresponding supporting axes; a base, which has a transmission set installed on its lower portion, formed by pulleys and chains or grooved belts operated by a motor; a set of supporting axes which have alternate axial and rotational movement; an emulsion tank laterally provided with collectors; a spillway; a disc cleaning set; a fruit washing and drying unit; and an automatic lubrication system for application of oil and grease at specific points. CC T (Additives, Spices and Condiments) CT ESSENTIAL OILS; EXTRACTION; PATENTS; CITRUS ESSENTIAL OILS DISPLAY BIB AN 2002:C0095 FSTA TI Control of foodborne microorganisms. AU Juneja, V. K. (Editor); Sofos, J. N. (Editor) CS 270 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016, USA; Marcel Dekker Inc. Tel. 212-696-9000. Fax 212-685-4540. E-mail bookreview(a) Price $185.00 SO (2001), xi + 535pp. ISBN 0-8247-0573-4, many ref. DT Book LA English EXPAND in /CT Thesaurus => E FRUIT JUICES+ALL/CT E1 50395 BT3 foods/CT E2 4088 BT2 PLANT FOODS/CT E3 3467 BT1 FRUIT PRODUCTS/CT E4 15007 BT2 beverages/CT E5 2611 BT1 SOFT DRINKS/CT E6 6702 --> FRUIT JUICES/CT E7 1271 NT1 APPLE JUICES/CT E8 23 NT2 APPLE CIDER/CT E9 65 NT2 APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E10 32 NT1 APRICOT JUICES/CT E11 17 NT1 BANANA JUICES/CT E12 39 NT1 BERRY JUICES/CT E13 16 NT1 BILBERRY JUICES/CT E14 74 NT1 BLACKCURRANT JUICES/CT E15 69 NT1 CHERRY JUICES/CT E16 1341 NT1 CITRUS JUICES/CT E17 22 NT2 CITRUS JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E18 128 NT3 ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E19 283 NT2 GRAPEFRUIT JUICES/CT E20 1 NT2 KALAMANSI JUICES/CT E21 154 NT2 LEMON JUICES/CT E22 26 NT2 LIME JUICES/CT E23 1585 NT2 ORANGE JUICES/CT E24 108 NT3 MANDARIN JUICES/CT E25 16 NT4 TANGERINE JUICES/CT E26 128 NT3 ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E27 31 NT1 CRANBERRY JUICES/CT E28 24 NT1 ELDERBERRY JUICES/CT E29 3 NT1 FIG JUICES/CT E30 234 NT1 FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E31 65 NT2 APPLE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E32 22 NT2 CITRUS JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E33 128 NT3 ORANGE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E34 17 NT2 GRAPE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E35 137 NT1 FRUIT NECTARS/CT E36 14 NT2 APRICOT NECTARS/CT E37 23 NT2 MANGO NECTARS/CT E38 5 NT2 PAPAYA NECTARS/CT E39 12 NT2 PEACH NECTARS/CT E40 1 NT2 PINEAPPLE NECTARS/CT E41 810 NT1 GRAPE JUICES/CT E42 17 NT2 GRAPE JUICE CONCENTRATES/CT E43 27 NT1 GUAVA JUICES/CT E44 1 NT1 HAWTHORN JUICES/CT E45 14 NT1 KIWIFRUIT JUICES/CT E46 55 NT1 MANGO JUICES/CT E47 2323 NT1 MUSTS/CT E48 28 NT2 APPLE MUSTS/CT E49 747 NT2 GRAPE MUSTS/CT E50 4 NT3 CONCENTRATED RECTIFIED MUSTS/CT E51 56 NT1 PASSION FRUIT JUICES/CT E52 32 NT1 PEACH JUICES/CT E53 81 NT1 PEAR JUICES/CT E54 5 NT1 PERSIMMON JUICES/CT E55 115 NT1 PINEAPPLE JUICES/CT E56 29 NT1 PLUM JUICES/CT E57 8 NT1 PRUNE JUICES/CT E58 22 NT1 QUINCE JUICES/CT E59 41 NT1 RASPBERRY JUICES/CT E60 17 NT1 REDCURRANT JUICES/CT E61 41 NT1 STRAWBERRY JUICES/CT E62 422 NT1 TOMATO JUICES/CT E63 410 RT FRUIT JUICE BEVERAGES/CT ********* END *********

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